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is a new form of ICE
manufactured in liquid form and applied directly on skin – without damaging the skin
or any soft tissue.

Revolutionary in its performance – but based in science, we have perfected heat transfer.

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The Science of Ice

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  • Are completely self contained

  • Are portable via tablet or phone

  • Supply SeraKūl on Demand

  • Store SeraKūl for up to 12 hours

  • Are able to produce SeraKūl   24 hours a day

  • Are virtually silent

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SeraKūl Systems:

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  • Are entirely self-contained

  • Completely Portable

  • Supply SeraKūl On-Demand

  • Store SeraKūl for up to 12 hours

  • Make 2 tons of SeraKūl per day

  • Run virtually silently (less than 60dbs.)

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The culmination of 10 years of research on 4 continents –

SeraKūl is molecular ice manufactured

to a specific size and shape

for maximum effectiveness.

What is SeraKūl? Customer friendly Cryotherapy based in science, helps to reduce inflammation in equine athletes.

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We are innovators, and we have reinvented ice. Starting from scratch, our development team spent more than a decade creating SeraKūl.

The Science of Ice


What is SeraKūl?

SeraKūl Systems:

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“We SeraKūled Rocky all weekend at Aspen Farms

and we ended up winning the advanced.”

- Sophie Click

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